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As in any profession, real competition exists among Tagalog interpreters and translators. Rates can be closely guarded secrets that may go up or down depending on a host of factors. However, this can just drive down the prevailing rates inasmuch as drive it up. In the interest of transparency and fairness to both clients and fellow interpreters and translators, usual rates are published here to set a personal standard that is acceptable.

Rates for Translation:

30 cents per target word (Tagalog or English). There is a minimum charge of $75.00 for a single-page job. Additional charges apply if you need the translation separately proofread by another Tagalog Translator, for rush jobs, and/or holiday/weekend work. Material to be translated has to be submitted first before reaching an agreement. Translator remains bound by standard non-disclosure policies. Proofreading rates are hourly. Please call for more information.

      Prices vary from $130.00 to $160.00 per hour, with two-hour to three-hour minimum, and cancellation fee, depending on the assignment, location and time. Mileage and travel time may apply in some cases. Full day rates available upon request. Travel rate is also negotiable. Please call for more information.





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